We are specialized in the manufacturing of floors, doors, windows, staircases, fireplaces and any kind of antique architecture in stone for renovations. All our products are unique, custom-made and ideal to build or restore houses, old villas and town centers while maintaining the original architecture, thanks to the passion of our skilled craftsmen, who are able to make each piece unique and beautiful.
Strictly handmade, each piece is unique. Our aging process evokes the prestige and beauty of old-time pieces crafted by traditional artisans. We work with companies and architects operating in the field of restoration as well as private customers.








An Italian company in the field of restoration.


L'ARTE ANTICA is an Italian company engaged in the business of antique materials and restoration with over twenty years of experience in the field. We can rely on vast supplies of architectural resources for the restoration of rural homes, villas, parks and gardens.



In particular, we specialize in antique stone floor tiles for outdoors and indoors, staircases, old terracotta and brick floors, stone walls, Liberty-style concrete tiles with traditional decorations, pottery and other architectural elements in stone such as windows, entrance gates, stairs and fireplaces. We also provide wells, fountains and pools for gardens and parks...


...any renovation works with antique Italian materials.